JOYC2017 Registration (International)

Entry fee:4000 Yen

2000yen for audience,no need apply form,2 days .

Name in AlphabetMust
Ex:Taro Yamada
Name(in your language)
T-Shirt sizeMust
1 pcs per person
Home AddressMust
Start from Country
Phone Number
Entry fee
1Division 4000Yen
2 Division : 7000Yen
What brand will you use to compete?Must
Only allow to use these sponsor brands yoyos.
Which model will you use for compete?
Tips for your profile(to introduce yourself to MC)
tavel info
When will you arrive and when will you back to your country.We would like to know your plan.
After Party
We will open entry page later.Just ask for research. This is not booking for party.