As many are aware, the 2018 World Yo-yo Contest will be held in Asia once again, and we have put Japan forward as an applicant for the host nation.

Japan’s bid for WYYC18 will be built on the success of the Japan Open Yo-yo Championship (JOYC)

The organisers of JOYC: Hiroyuki Suzuki, Kengo Kido, will work with Takahiko “TAKA” Hasegawa to bring worlds to Japan once again.

This year’s 2015 World Yo-yo Contest was of a huge scale with an electric atmosphere which many felt was only possible because it was in Japan.

Their hope is to bring worlds back to the Japan – the world’s yo-yo powerhouse – in 3 years time

The trio of Hiroyuki, Kengo and Taka are all influential parts of the engine which drives the Japanese yo-yo scene, and they are confident that they can create a world contest which will reach new heights of success. The announcement of the 2018 World Yo-yo Contest host country will be eagerly awaited by all.